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18" - #P18/60 - Tape In Hair Extensions - 100% Real Human Hair - Blakk Hair Extensions

$79.50 $85.50

#P18/60 | Tape Extensions Melbourne

- 100% Brazilian Remy Hair Double Drawn Cuticle Intact - High Premium Quality


Half head tape in hair extensions (20pcs) approx. 50g = 2 pks 

Full head tape in hair extensions (40pcs) approx. 100g = 4 pks

Please ensure your selection is done to suit your colour correctly.

PS: all monitors differ slightly and colour matching is key to create a natural look.


#P18/60 | hair extensions tape

High quality grade Brazilian Remy human hair. Blakk tape hair extensions are double drawn creating thickness from root to mid-lengths all the way to the baseline ensuring you avoid those wispy ends that require inches to be removed. Using only high quality tape hair extensions adhesive, strong hold tape that when applied correctly will last 4-6 weeks. 

Explore tape extensions online.

Tape in hair extensions offer easy application and removal and allow you to achieve a natural look anytime you want. Style your hair within a few minutes without using glue or strong adhesives. These extensions work best for women who have thin and short hair.

Going to a mega-event? Now get a quick makeover with our tape in hair extensions best suited for adding length.

The best tape in hair extensions can last for weeks depending on your natural hair growth and hair care regimen. They are pre-taped and you can tape them on either side of your hair. What makes these tape in hair extensions the preferred choice of customers is that they are safe to use and gives volume boost to your hair.

Blakk offers tape in hair extensions online in different lengths and shades. The invisible tape is a great way of adding length as well as volume to your hair. We bring a range of supreme quality hair care products designed specifically for hair extensions. You can also explore our styling accessories and supplies.

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