Customised Clip-in Application

We recommend that your customised clip-in is initially fitted by a hairdressing professional.

This will also ensure that your clip-in, is cut & blended correctly to give you the most natural result.
However, should you wish to fit your customized Blakk clip-in yourself, please follow the below steps:

  1. Remove from packaging and unroll your full 75cm piece clip-in extension.
  2. Measure the extension around your scalp, where you would like it to be placed in the hair. 
  3. Cut to size at the nearest clip.
     TIP: The edge of the clip should be at the very end of the cut section to help secure in place, as excess hair will not
    lay flat and may become visible.
  4. Repeat for as many size pieces that you desire.
  5. TIP: To ensure that you don’t waste hair, we recommend the clip be
    removed and re-sewn to the end of each hair piece.

Customised Clip-in Care Guidelines

Your customised clip-in and its lifespan directly relates with how well you care for them.

To ensure maximum longevity, please ensure you follow each of the care guidelines carefully.

  • As your clip-in hair extensions are not applied to the scalp permanently, washing is not required as much as your natural hair, and is only recommended after several wears. When washing hair ensure that you only use gentle motions, no heavy circular motions.
  • Squeeze excessive water from hair in a downward motion with a towel. Do not rub in circular motions. Do not allow hair to dry
    naturally. Always blowdry.
  • Ensure you use only Blakk extension shampoo & conditioner.
    Important: Do not use a protein based shampoo or conditoner. Protein will cause the extensions to tangle. Just one wash can cause irreversible damage. Do not deep condition.Avoid volume, deep cleaning and dandruff product types.
    Products containing Sulphate will also cause the hair to dry out. Sulphate is an inexpensive lathering agent and should be
    avoided. Look for these words and do not use: Amonium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Ammonium Xylene
    Sulfonate, TEA Dodecylbenzene etc.
  • Alcohol based styling products can cause the hair to dry out and should be avoided.
    Blakk extensions are not to be coloured. Maintenance colouring between appointments should only be applied to your
    natural hair by a qualified hairdresser and never to extensions. NEVER lighten or bleach the extensions are it will cause
    immediate irrepairable damage.
  • No permanent straightening, perming or any additional chemical service can be performed.
  • Brush hair twice a day. Hold roots of your hair with one hand and brush with Blakk brush.
  • Should any knotting occur please inform your salon at your earliest convenience. This issue can be caused by incorrect
    product usage, lack of brushing or over crowding of extensions.
  • If you plan on going swimming your clip-in extensions should be removed prior. Salty and chlorinated water will dry out the
    hair and cause it to knot.