Frequently Asked Questions

What products can I use on my extensions?

We advise all Blakk extension wearers to maintain their extensions exclusively with Blakk’s specifically designed extension shampoo and conditioner. The most import factor that will ensure a long healthy life to your extensions will be your homecare products. Your products MUST be free of Sulfates & Proteins.

The main purpose of sulfates is to create suds. It is an inexpensive lathering agent that will dry out your hair and damage hair follicles. Additionally, sulfates strip color with each and every wash for those of you who color your hair. Further, the over drying of your hair causes breakage. There are however, better alternatives that can perform the same function with fewer suds. Most shampoos on the market today contain some type of sulfate, so make sure you read the ingredients, even if the brand claims to be chemical or sulfate free. Words describing sulphates on your ingredients list: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (or SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (or SLES), Amonium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Myreth Sulfate (the mildest form of sulfate), TEA Lauryl sulfate, Ammonium Xylene Sulfonate, Sulfer, TEA Dodecylbenzene, Selenium Sulfides, and almost anything else that ends in sulfate, sulfonate, or sulfide. A good alternative for sulfates to look for is Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate, a natural sulfate created from palm kernels so it does not have the same damaging effects.

Protein can and will cause tangling and matting. Damage can happen instantly and is irreversible after just one use of a protein based product. High levels of protein are usually found in products that ‘repair’ or ‘reconstruct’ or targeted at heavily chemically treated hair. Avoid these words on the ingredient list: Cocodimonium hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed casein, Cocodimonium hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed collagen, Cocodimonium hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed hair keratin, Cocodimonium hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed keratin, Cocodimonium hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed rice protein, Cocodimonium hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed silk, Cocodimonium hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed soy protein, Cocodimonium hydroxypropyl hydrolysed, Wheat protein, Cocodimonium hydroxypropyl silk amino acids, Cocoyl hydrolyzed collagen, Cocoyl hydrolyzed keratin, Hydrolyzed keratin, Hydrolyzed oat flour, Hydrolyzed silk, Hydrolyzed silk protein, Hydrolyzed soy protein, Hydrolyzed wheat protein, Hydrolyzed wheat protein, Keratin, Potassium cocoyl hydrolyzed collagen, TEA-cocoyl hydrolyzed collagen, TEA-cocoyl hydrolyzed soy protein.

Why have my extensions fallen out?

This can be due to many different reasons, however home maintenance or poor application are the two common reasons. Most importantly the tape must not be wet prior to application (washed/coloured etc). After application the tape must not be wet (washing or heavy excerise etc) for 48hours. Secondly, if there is too much hair between the tape this does not allow the tapes to stick together. Too little hair between and the weight of the extension will cause the hair to fall out from the scalp. Conditioner used at the roots will also cause extensions to slip. Your extensions should last 4-6 weeks depending on the rate of your natural hair growth.

How long will my order take to arrive? Can I arrange a same day courier?

If you live in metro Australia and your order is placed via the Blakk website before 4pm AEST or 2pm AWST your order will normally arrive within 1-2 days via the Australia Post, Express Post network. However, please allow 3-7 days for unexpected postal delays. All orders after 4pm AEST will be dispatched the following business day. For Victorian orders, a same day couriers can be arranged. Depending on location the cost will be between $20-$40. If you need your delivery fast, please email with your requested order and state that you wish to use a same day courier. We will respond with the courier fee depending on your location, and if you wish to proceed, you can make payment of the invoice via credit card or paypal. The courier service usually takes 1-4 hours depending on the time of day. All orders must be made no later than 2pm to receive on the same day.

What if my order does not arrive when expected?

Please call or email and we can provide you with a tracking number for your order. Current status can be viewed online. We always pack and send orders to meet the above outlined delivery time, however we use a third party to deliver your order and occasionaly they do not manage to deliver every single parcel on time. As it is a third party, it is out of our control. Unfortunately we do not offer any guarantees for delivery. If in the rare occasion your parcel is not received within the specified time, no compensation will be offered.

Does every set of CLIP-IN EXTENSIONS come in a Blakk box?

Every set of 5pc Clip-ins, Custom Clip-ins or Wefts come in a Blakk presentation box that makes displaying stock easier. Alternatively it can be used by the client for safe keeping when not in use.

Can I exchange or return my recent purchase?

Yes, but only if the products are unused, undamaged and in its original packaging. You must make contact with us at prior to returning products to ensure all the appropriate information is enclosed with the return/exchange. You must also ensure it falls within all our company policy guidelines.