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Blakk Pliers for ultra tip hair extensions - Blakk Hair Extensions


weight: 230g

Length: 17cm

Width: 6cm

High: 2cm

Pliers hair extensions

Blakk Pliers

The Ultra Tip pliers are specifically designed for the Ultra Tip hair extension. We are constantly reviewing and improving our pliers, we have now implemented a better tensioning control, and incorporated new soft handle grips for greater comfort.

Ultra Tip Hair Extensions

Ultra tip hair extensions are a result of innovation and modern-day technology that has helped thousands of women gain confidence and get beautiful looking hair. This extension system is 100% re-usable and does not require re-tipping of the hair.

Style your hair sitting at home and get the perfect look you always wanted. Whether you want more volume, highlights, or simply want to experiment with your hairstyle, you can do all this by wearing hair extensions.

The unique application system is one of the reasons this hair extension method is loved by our clients worldwide. No heat or glue is needed in order for you to attach the extensions to your natural hair.

The ultra tip is used to add more length and volume to your hair.At Blakk, you can find natural and synthetic hair made from the best quality materials. This is the best option for every woman who wants a temporary change in their looks and style. The best part is that they do require much maintenance.

  • Benefits of ultra-tip hair extensions:
  • Add extra length to your hair anytime and experiment with new looks.
  • Get a new hairstyle and add bounce to your hair.
  • Style and colour the extensions without any harm to your natural hair.
  • Does not require the application of glue which reduces the chances of hair damage.
  • Can last for months if maintained properly.

We supply and deliver hair extensions and hair care products throughout Australia and worldwide. With our expertise in hair extensions, you get the added advantage of professional services along with quality products. Our team is committed to delivering exceptional results by providing premium quality and durable hair extensions.

We have a range of hair extensions: pre-bonded, weft, tape extensions, and clip in hair extensions in various shades and finishes for everyone.

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