No one can deny how much they enjoy using extensions. No matter what you want to change about your appearance, extensions can help (sorry, diamonds). 

The only drawback of extensions is that there are so many options that it might be challenging to select the best set for your needs and budget.

Images depict an 18-inch Remy human hair extension kit. To give you an idea of what to anticipate to pay for your next extension, we've compiled a list of some of the highest-quality examples available. 

We know that decent hair extensions can be expensive, but we know how to save you money without sacrificing quality. 

Now, let's not waste more time and get down to business.




Because of their convenience and ease of use, clip-in hair extensions are the most popular. 

Clip-in extensions are precisely what they sound like: they clip into your hair for a simple, instant lengthening. 

According to your taste, you can spend anywhere from $85 to $400 on a high-quality clip-in. 

Here are a few of our top picks, spanning a wide range of price points, lengths, and aesthetic preferences:

The 22" Straight Clip-In Extensions (1pc) Blakk are under $100, are simple, sleek, and entirely on trend, and will impress anyone who sees them.

The 18" Blakk Human Hair Volumizer are a lovely accent to any look for under $250 and is perfect for my girls who are new to extensions because they are lightweight, customizable, and simple to use.

If you're not like either of the styles above, the 20" easy Volume Human Hair Volumizer Blakk is a close third.

Considering the tremendous value they provide for under $200, they are a deal. This is the definition of a daydream!




Remy human hair extensions are some of the most sought-after on the market because of their superior quality and longevity compared to other types of extensions. 

Here are some of the most significant human hair extensions you can buy, priced anywhere from $50 to $400.

Brave, attractive, and unrestrained! Embrace your inner Jennifer Lopez with these stunning 18" ombre Human Hair Highlight Extensions (1PC)! 

All that for only $58? 


Approximately ten.

This timeless, fashionable, and scorching 18" Blakk Remy Human Hair Extensions style is a significant trend right now, and it's ideal for a stunning new beginning this spring. 

Considering how authentic and unprocessed this style appears to be, $400 is a steal.

Finally, the 20" Blakk Human Hair 8 (PCS) is popular because of its lustrous sheen and stunning, flowing beauty. 

Whether you want to be adored as a blonde or a brunette, you can express your individuality through a rainbow of hues. 

With this lengthening, all-natural, and sleek final product, you'll be popping like Kim K in no time. 

The $500 may seem steep, but we promise you won't find better-quality extensions elsewhere! 

Look it over for yourself!




Another cool feature of hairextensions.com is the ability to look for all extensions that cost less than $200. 

This is a simple method for preventing wasteful expenditure without sacrificing quality when purchasing new lengths! 

Some of our favourites that fall within this category are:

  • Get the Avril Lavigne–inspired rocker style for only $8.50 with this 16-inch Human Hair Clip In Color Strip! 
  • That's an excellent deal.
  • This gorgeous country girl hair makes you think of Carrie Underwood. 
  • The 16-inch Clip In by Christie Brinkley hair extensions will make an impression.
  • Finally, Blakk's 22" extension is a gorgeous, dark, and sinister vixen style. 
  • Look at this stunning design; you won't be able to say "no" to it (I couldn't!).

To see even more of the season's most popular options, visit Blakk.com.au, even if you don't end up going with one of these gorgeous designs. 

After checking out their services, you will be hooked like we were.