There is no place to store all those clip-in hair extensions you purchased from Blakk! So there's no need to be concerned! It isn't easy to decide when you don't know what to do. 

You don't need to worry about a thing because HairExtensions.com has your back. 

Here are some of the best places to store your clip-in extensions to ensure they last as long as possible while maintaining their beautiful appearance.

Clip-in hair extensions are a quick and easy way to add length. 22 "Waves and delicate lines are featured in this clip-in hair extension set.




It would help if you began by examining the state of the extensions to ensure that they are in good shape for the subsequent time you want to use them. 

To begin, give them a light brushing with an extension comb, such as the Blakk hair extensions. 

(If you want to avoid breaking anything, it's best to always begin at the bottom and work your way up.)

Ensure all the clips are closed, so they do not become entangled in your hair and cause any damage. 

After you have washed and conditioned your extensions, you need to dry them using a blow dryer (human hair extensions and heat-friendly extensions only, please).

If you have human hair extensions, you should use a product such as this serum for human hair extensions to prevent split ends and maintain the moisture level of the ends of your hair. 

While caring for synthetic hair extensions, you should only use products specifically for synthetic hair, such as the leave-in conditioner for synthetic extensions that blakk sells. 

If you want to keep them pristine, gather the hairs at the ends of each weft and tie a knot in them.

After you have finished preparing your add-ons, the next step is to determine where you will store them. 

Your extensions will do better if you provide a dry resting place at ambient temperature and outside direct sunlight.

There are many variations of storage containers to choose from. 

If you no longer have the box that your extensions came in, you can use a shoe box instead; otherwise, you can use the box they came in. 

While putting the extensions in the box, be sure to twist them into a circle and place the ends where they are closest to the middle. 

To prevent them from being knocked over or crushed, they should be kept on a high shelf that is out of reach for animals and children.

The most effective way to store your extensions is in a hanging bag since this will keep them off the ground and out of the way and liberate important shelf space.


Organizer for the Safekeeping of Hair Extensions


Take, for example, this storage bag for hairstyle extensions. 

A padded pouch made of soft mesh closes with a zipper and can hold hair extensions up to 45 centimetres long ".