The phrase "hair can be tedious at times" is one we never thought we'd utter. Thankfully, over time, there has been a shift in hairstyles, and natural colours are no longer the only option. 

The recent fad of men and women dying their hair every colour of the rainbow is one that we wholeheartedly support and applaud.

The addition of colour and shine to the hair through the use of extensions

We have some suggestions if you are interested in spicing up your appearance by trying a new hair colour. 

If you are apprehensive about making a dye that will stay in your hair permanently, you can choose any of these colours from our assortment of wigs. Well, look at these super cute ideas for hair dyes, won't you?




Get a fresh look by changing your hair colour to this soft purple tint. It's a bold choice, but those with blonde hair can pull it off! 

If you are still unsure, give our Lilac Frost wig a try. This colour scheme gives the impression of a natural appearance when combined with a darker base. 

Although this colour looks particularly remarkable in the winter and spring, we may appreciate it yearly. 

Whether you wear your hair straight, curled, or braids, the colour will be noticeable.




The boldness to try new things is what makes beauty. In this context, the colour blue stands for audacity. Are you afraid that the ice will become blue? It is recommended that you first try this daring colour on a wig.


Blue-coloured rooted wig with roots. Out Of The Blue, a product made by do, is the haircare product being highlighted here.

The dark roots of our blue ombre wig fade away gradually to reveal a baby blue angled cut that is lighter in tone. 

This hue has a striking brightness thanks to its dark blue and white undertones. 

You should experiment with this hair colour over the summer, and we adore how it looks with beach waves! 

Because of its wefted cap and heat tolerance, our wig is an excellent choice for use during the warmer months.




Throughout the past year, this shade has been consistently popular. Pink and earth tones are blended to create this delicate peach shade. 

This is the ideal method to ease into the trend of having brighter hair colours, so if you have been considering doing so but have been hesitant to do so in the past, this is the way. 

To sweeten the pot, we have a Peachy Keen light pink wig in stock that you are welcome to try on before deciding.

This bob cut is lovely because of its flowing bangs and dark roots. 

That is the ideal tone for hair throughout the warm summer months! 

If you had asked me, I never in a million years would have believed that a pink baby costume could look so cool.




This emerald green heat-friendly synthetic wig is another possibility for experimenting with colour without making a long-term commitment to the look. 

The stunning bangs with the Mint To Be package can be styled in several ways. 

Give this one a shot if you want to be one of the first to experiment with a new hair colour this spring (or possibly this summer).


WIGS OF THE NIGHT (also known as "Wigs")


These rich tones, which are just breathtaking, represent the zenith of the fantastical aesthetic. 

It is a stunning colour that can be altered to produce the desired impact by increasing or decreasing the number of highlights and lowlights. 

The Midnight Berry wig features hints of orange and red throughout its colouration. 

No matter how you style it, this ensemble is made for springtime and will turn heads wherever you go. 

Give this bobbed wig a test drive and see whether it piques your interest by donning it.