Is it true that bangs may cause the top layer of hair to look thinner?

Is it true that bangs may cause the top layer of hair to look thinner?

The most common causes for thinning hair can be conditions such as male or female patterned baldness or alopecia areata. A great solution to covering up patches of fine hair on top go your head is to get a hair topper that covers hair loss and can be worn with bangs. Bangs always stay in style because they can be worn in many ways. 

Hair toppers come in various sizes, colours and styles to ensure you get the perfect coverage and the best match to your natural hair.

Depending on where you have thinning hair, you may even want to try clip-in or snap bangs to help with the coverage of a receding hairline. 

Always ensure that when you use hair toppers or bang hairpieces, you have at least one inch of healthy natural hair to clip them onto so that additional hair loss doesn't occur. It's also essential to properly apply and remove the hairpieces.

Let's look at creative ways to incorporate bangs into your everyday hairdo. Even with hair loss, these remedies will have you feeling like yourself in no time!



One reason that bangs create an instant solution for thinning hair on top is that they help to create volume. The trick is knowing how much your hair can handle and what products to use most efficiently. Your bangs can generate that front-end volume with the right tools and knowledge.

Here's how you can style and treat your bangs to get maximum volume:

Lift the roots: By gently teasing your bangs at the roots, you can get an instant hair lift that negates your hairline. A thin-toothed comb from Amazon (or a dollar store) will work fine. Use the comb to brush your hair in the opposite direction to give you instant volume. If you work on your bangs and continue this method along your roots, you will add a seamless body to your look in minutes.

Keep them clean: Your hair collects buildup throughout the day: from the outside environment, sweat, and other factors we can't ignore. Keeping your bangs fresh and clean gives you a better chance of disguising the thin hair on top of your head. Be sure you wash them sparingly, though, as using too much product will add to the buildup and cause greasy or oily roots. This brings us to our next tip:

Use products for thin hair: If you want to try growing out your bangs instead of using bang extensions, you will need to use products for thin hair. These products have added ingredients that work specifically to help aid those with fine hair. Blakk is a well-known source that, according to the website, is clinically proven to regrow up to 25 per cent more hair and is dermatologist-recommended. Another great everyday product to use is Dry Texturizing Spray. This helps thicken the hair's appearance by building texture and volume to your bangs.




If bangs seem like a trend of the past, we've got news for you! Bangs can be styled in any way you choose. So whether you want to sport the modern long look or go for a bold, definite chop, you have your fair share of options. Here are some we recommend!

A clip-on bang that holds to its name. The monofilament top works to blend in the bangs with your natural hairline, giving you a simple and seamless modern look.

Classic: This straight-edge look is a classic way to wear clip-in bang extensions. It's the perfect and most cost-effective solution for your thinning hair without having to cut your hair.

Long: Our clip-in bangs are heat resistant so you can even add a wispy curl to change your look!



Hair Toppers are the best-kept secret for thinning hair! Instead of wearing a full wig that covers all of your natural hair, you can opt for just the amount of coverage you need in the right area! Hair Toppers with bangs is an attractive choice, but with hair toppers, bangs are no longer your only option! 

Choose a hair topper with a lace front and monofilament part for a natural-looking hairline and multi-directional parting. Top Billing by Raquel Welch is one of our best sellers as it is affordable, customizable and comes in a large selection of colours, so you are guaranteed to find your perfect match.

Go to our hair toppers collection to browse various styles and lengths to find the best hair loss and thinning hair coverage for you!