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Clip IN Hair Extensions

Our hair extensions are a perfect solution for anyone, but like all good things come at a price!

The application of the hair extensions in fact involves some "sacrifices": some applications, in fact they do not allow to make the tail, or to collect the hair. Other types of hair extensions do not allow hair to be braided or dyed. The style of the hair extensions must match: if you need to apply curly hair extensions you will have to make your hair curl, and vice versa if you need to apply smooth hair extensions you will need to iron your real hair. This is because, during the fold, it is not possible to create a natural effect, precisely because natural hair would take their natural form and hair extensions do not. The hair extensions require a lot of care and attention, they must always be well dried and combed to prevent knots from being created. 


But it's worth it? Hair extensions are among the most widespread and popular solutions because they can solve hair thickening problems, satisfy the desire to change your look in no time and so much more! 


Clip-In hair extensions are the cheapest and the most comfortable, as they can be applied very easily and quickly in a completely independent manner. This type of hair extensions can be removed and applied an infinite number of times. To use this type of hair extension, first of all, you have to choose the ones that are closest to your hair. In fact, for a good result, it is good that the Clip-In hair extensions strands camouflage with your hair, therefore, I must be more or less the same colour.

Fixed Extension: Beaded hair extensions, Tape extensions or Weft extensions 


Fixed extensions usually need to be applied by the hairdresser and usually last between 6 to  8 weeks (or more, depending on the maintenance). These hair extensions of 100% Remy Human real hair, will blend perfectly with your hair offering bulk and length.

The application methods for the micro ring hair extensions, tape in extensions or weft can be various, more or less economic and more or less invasive, but the result is guaranteed!