How to protect your hair extension?

Will hair extension damage my hair?

As far as hair extensions are concerned, there is no harm to the hair, but you must pay attention to the usual care. When combing and washing your hair, you must be light. Otherwise, your hair will fall a lot. Also, we recommend that friends with short hair are best not to perform hair extensions to avoid allergies caused by friction between the connection port and the scalp.

Straight hair extensions can reflect pure temperament, natural and casual curls are more feminine. After the hair extension piece is hot, the spiral is reflected by its unique elasticity, making it softer and more temperamental.


Care after hair extension

To protect the hair scales that come out of the hair and make it shiny, you must choose a shampoo with a PH value close to acid when washing your hair. Do not grab hard when washing your hair and use massage methods.
Don't steam sauna after hair extension, don't use the hairdryer to blow hair, otherwise, it will affect the adhesion of hair extension adhesive, and it is not suitable for hair extension maintenance.

When combing your hair, use a large bone comb, and do not smooth against your scalp. Otherwise, it is easy to cut your hair and make yourself very painful.
Hair extensions can be straightened, bent or dyed according to your preference. With careful care, the effect of hair extension can be maintained for six months.