Hair Extensions Facts - Blakk Hair Extensions Let You Know

Having hair that is always neat and arranged in a beautiful hairstyle is a vanity, after the care of one's own line, to which women devote most of their time. Showing off hair that is always beautiful and not overlooked makes it feel like a dive full of charm. Appearing in public with hair that is always in order is a sure sign of success.


Sometimes though, especially if you have short hair and don't want to wait for their growth, you feel a strong desire for hairstyles that require adequately long hair.


A good strategy to have an elaborate hairstyle with long hair that can be used by those who do not want to wait for their hair to reach the desired length, is the use of hair extensions.

The hair extensions are practical locks specifically designed to be applied to real hair to change its length and thus have an enviable look.

Even if you take part in a ceremony and want to show a hairstyle that includes only one long strand, you can resort to the use of hair extensions.


But which hair extensions to choose? Different types of hair extensions are on the market, but the most popular at the moment are Tape Extensions.

Let's clarify what Tape Extensions are

If you decide to opt for this type of hair extensions know that they are locks of hair of various colours made with real hair. These strands have at one end a double-sided adhesive strip with non-aggressive adhesives that is applied to the roots of the hair near the scalp. This operation can be done by a hairdresser, but it is also possible to do it alone at home (not recommended).


Ok, but how many hair extensions do I have to buy?

Once you decide that you want to resort to hair extensions, the problem arises of the number of locks that are needed for our purpose. The answer is that there is no fixed number of hair extensions to use, but generally 2 x paks. (40pcs. = 20 sandwiches) would give you a satisfactory result.


Also, very important the type of hairstyle you want to have. Do you want to lengthen your hair?

Do you want to thicken your hair?  Or you just want to add colour on your natural hair? 


How to use them?

Once you have determined how many you want to apply, you move on to the next phase or their installation. The tape hair extensions have a strip of glue that allows for easy laying. The strap can also be replaced allowing the tape hair extensions to be used several times.

First your hair must be well washed and dry, then, starting from the lower part of the head (neck area), a first strand of hair is lifted and the first hair extensions is applied, the operation is continued by carefully covering the hair extensions with natural hair for a more real result. 


After how long to remove them?

This operation depends on the adhesion of the adhesive, which generally has a duration of 4 to 6 weeks, but above all on the rapidity of regrowth of natural hair. However, since you are free to reuse them, you can remove them, replace them if necessary and replace the adhesive as frequent as you like.