Five suggestions for refreshing with a new hair colour

Five suggestions for refreshing with a new hair colour

We never in a million years imagined that we'd say this, but there are moments when dealing with hair may be tedious. 

But, due to years of artistic growth, we are open to more than just the colours naturally occurring in hair. 

The trend of boldly colouring one's hair every colour of the rainbow has recently caught on with both men and women, and we couldn't be happier about it.

Stunning Accessories for the Hair


If you want to spruce up your appearance with new hair colour, we have some suggestions for you to consider. 

You can select any of these hues from our wig collection if you do not experiment with generating a colour that will stay in your hair permanently.

Well, look at these super cute ideas for hair dyes, won't you?

In other words, a wig in the colour lilac frost. If there was ever a reason to colour your hair, this lilac shade should be it for you. 

This bold choice can be accomplished with relative ease if you have blonde hair

In that case, why don't you try out our wig in the shade of lilac frost? 

Combining this colour scheme and a darker base gives the impression of a more natural appearance. 

This colour looks gorgeous in the winter and spring, but we couldn't care less about the changing seasons and will wear it whenever we choose. 

This colour looks fantastic on the wearer's hair in any style, whether braided, wavy, or straight.


A BLUE OMBRE WIG For Your Hairstyling Needs


The boldness to try new things is what makes beauty. In addition, the colour blue represents the accent in this scenario. 

Are you afraid that the ice will become blue? It is recommended that you first try this daring colour on a wig.

A wig that is blue overall but has black roots. The featured track is titled "Out Of The Blue", and Blakk produced it.

We began making our blue ombre wig with black roots, which we then faded into a very light baby blue-angled cut. 

Combining the colour's dark blue and white undertones produces the highest possible brilliance in the hue. 

This shade is perfect for the warm weather, and I can only imagine how stunning it would look with beachy waves

Because of its wefted cap design and its tolerance to heat, our wig is an excellent choice for use in warm weather.




Only a few seasons in which this shade could look better. It is possible to produce this peach tone by softly combining pink and earth tones. 

This is the cut you should experiment with first if you've been thinking of making your hair a brighter colour but have yet to take the plunge because of it. 

In addition to this, you have the option of trying out our Peachy Keen wig in a light pink colour first.

The dark roots and the flowing bangs make the bob cut look even more lovely than it already does. It is an excellent alternative for use as a hair dye during the warmer months. I never realised that a soft pink could pull off such a cool look.




Another option for experimenting with colour without total commitment is to do so with our Tru2Life heat-friendly synthetic wig, which comes in a revitalising hue of mint green. 

The stunning bangs with the Mint To Be package can be styled in several ways. 

Give this one a shot if you want to be one of the first to experiment with a new hair colour for the spring (or even as a hair colour for the summer).


WIGS OF THE NIGHT (also known as "Wigs")


This seductive hue is the result of striking the perfect mix between style and fantasy. 

It is a shade that commands attention and can be used as a foundation for highlighting or lowlighting to get the desired effect. 

The Midnight Berry wig we provide has undertones of orange and red. 

You can't go wrong with this look; it will be fantastic for springtime. 

Give this bobbed wig a test drive and see whether it piques your interest by donning it.