Creating Extra Volume with Clip-In Hair Extensions: Ten Methods

Creating Extra Volume with Clip-In Hair Extensions: Ten Methods


There is a common misconception that hair extensions are only used to lengthen natural hair, but this is untrue. With the help of clip-in hair extensions, you may get numerous hairstyles, such as photogenic fishtail braids, beachy waves, fanciful Barbie ponytails, and attractive half-up styles. 

With the help of skilfully styled hair extensions, you may cover the length, thickness, and flatness of your natural hair. Due to their adaptability, adding dramatic volume is one of the most common uses for clip-in extensions. 

Take heart if you've spent a lot of time and effort (not to mention heat tools, hairspray, and other products) trying to achieve thick, voluminous hair, only to have it return to its normal, flat state by the end of the day. 

Regardless of the length or type of your natural hair, you may quickly add thickness and fullness to your hair with hair extensions. 

Adding hair extensions is a quick and easy solution to create the illusion of having more hair if you have fine hair.

While you have short hair, there is no reason to rule out having hair extensions. 

Our brand-new Seamless Extensions of 12 Inches are an excellent choice for those with shorter hair who want to add massive volume and a fuller appearance. 

Each set has ten wefts, and there are 40 colour options. The usual length of 12-inch hair extensions falls just below the shoulder, preventing them from competing with shorter hairstyles. 

Using Blakk hair extensions makes you feel confident and comfortable with your new short hairstyle.




Exists an absolute demand for evidence? This post illustrates some of the most beautiful techniques for styling volumizing hair extensions. 

This list features hairstyles appropriate for any occasion, including weddings, dating nights, and special parties, ranging from delicate antique waves to rocker-chic shags.

The long bob, also known as the lob, is a flexible hairstyle that complements the appearance of nearly everyone, regardless of whether it has layers, a sloppy texture, or an ombre colour. 

This style is intended to highlight your unique characteristics without interfering. 

There is no need for an extended duration of transition time when performing the lob. A mega-volume lob may be produced with only a few materials, such as stylist scissors, premium clip-in hair extensions, a comb, and a hair clip. 

Combs are not required. Regardless matter where you are, our Application Kit will aid you in monitoring your equipment. 

Before clipping in your 12-inch extensions at the nape of your neck, you must clean and dry your natural hair. 

With the three clips positioned on the back of one of the extensions, you may join one of the extensions to the one currently on top of your head. 

Attach a pair of earring clips to the back of the head on either side of the head.

After wrapping four clips around the rear of your head, you must use a fifth clip to fasten the straps to the crown of your head.

When you have secured your extensions using the included clips, use hairstylist shears to remove any excess so that it blends in with your hair. 

When adding 12-inch-long extensions to hair that is already shoulder-length, minimal trimming or cutting usually is necessary. 

After your hair has reached the desired length, you may remove the clips and finish the styling procedure using a comb. 

It is time to initiate aesthetic development. 

To add structure and volume to the hair, use root-lifting spray directly above the area where the extensions will be inserted. 

This will provide a head start for the hair. You must hear a volume that is astoundingly loud right now.  Curl a small part of your hair using a curling iron to give your lob a more professional appearance.



You desire to appear more glamorous, correct? Try getting and experimenting with Velcro Hair Rollers. 

With the assistance of these vintage rollers, you can quickly and easily obtain beautiful, volumized hair. 

In addition, they do not generate heat, making them suitable for both natural and synthetic hair because they may be applied to either.

The first step in utilizing velcro rollers involves wetting the hair. Add mousse to your hair, then let it dry naturally. 

Adding a small amount of water to your hairstyle lets you remove any appearance. Before attempting to use rollers of varying sizes, it is recommended to separate your hair into three portions. 

The sound generated by a larger roller can be boosted. Smooth a portion of hair with a straightening iron and roll the ends of the hair into the roller. 

It is required to repeat this procedure until all portions have been folded into place. Set aside 20 minutes to let hair rest. 

If you want your hair to have more volume when you get ready in the morning, place several rollers in the crown and keep them there while you complete your other daily tasks.




If you are looking for a unique hairstyle that will make you feel like a million dollars, this thick side braid is the best option for your hair. 

This lovely new hairstyle would be perfect for someone enjoying the end of summer or the beginning of a new school year.

As a starting point for your look, create loose waves using a curling iron on your natural hair and extensions. A heat-resistant spray on your hair will protect it before venturing into the heat. 

After curling your hair, create a side part on your head. Attach a weft to your hair using three clips, and then section your hair at the temple. 

Collect the hair at the crown of the head and secure it with an elastic band to form a ponytail. It requires meticulous attention to detail to create a hole in the elastic, flip the ponytail, and thread the hair through it. 

Here is an example of creating a braid portion that resembles a topsy-tail. Make a second ponytail, using hair from the opposite side of your head this time. 

Make another 180-degree turn with the circumstance. Continue twisting your earlobes until you have achieved three or four turns. Put three clips to the roots of a weft, just beneath its most extended tail, to secure it. 

Create a fishtail braid with the leftover strands of your hair. It is recommended that you secure the foundation with an elastic band. Separate small braid sections to create a stronger impression of fullness and thickness. 

Enhance the outfit's appeal by adding an eye-catching hair clip, a flower, or a headband as an accessory.



In the privacy and convenience of your own home, you can have a blowout that is comparable to that of a salon. 

To obtain a dramatic hairdo at home, use a volumizing shampoo, conditioner, and a heat protectant spray before blow-drying your hair. 

After washing, conditioning, and clipping in your extensions, spray your roots with a volumizing or thickening product. 

Then, apply the texturizing spray evenly throughout the entire head of the hair. You may now proceed to dry your hair with the hair dryer. By employing an upside-down hair dryer, you may produce incredible volume. 

Your hairdresser will likely propose using a round brush on your hair when it is nearly dry. Work your way up from the scalp with the brush held at an angle. 

Ensure that, while you blow-dry your hair, the brush moves towards the ends. You need only pull the brush toward the plant's base to complete the mission. You can maintain your style and reduce frizz with a forceful blast of cool air. 

It is crucial to continue the process on the remaining hair until you get a professional-quality blowout.

When you layer our Volumizer Weft on top of the weft at the crown of your head, your hair will gain volume. 

This weft can be connected fast and easily with clips, providing significant volume and thickness to your hair.



If you want things to become more adventurous, consider giving your bob a set of gorgeous curtain bangs. 

Brigette Bardot, Farrah Fawcett, and Goldie Hawn are responsible for the resurrection of the wispy bangs that were popular during the 1960s and 1970s. 

As curtains, they are frequently parted in the middle and swept to the sides of the face. 

The asymmetrical bangs draw attention to the eyes because they are shorter in the middle and longer on the sides.

You only need a blow dryer and an inch-diameter circle brush to add volume to your curtain bang lob. 

If your bangs are damp on both sides, blow-dry them until they are nearly fifty per cent dry. 

Make a part along the middle of your hair using your round brush. 

While you blow-dry your hair, move the brush forward, backwards, and upward to achieve the unique shape of curtain bangs. 

Using texturizing spray to the ends of your bangs is an excellent method to complete your look.


6. THE 1970S SHAG

Mick Jagger and Stevie Nicks were early adopters of the shag haircut, characterized by chopped layers, bangs, and a chaotic texture. 

The shag hairstyle gained popularity in the 1970s. This edgy style is currently favoured by celebrities like Selena Gomez, Billie Eilish, and Miley Cyrus, including the wolf cut and the shag mullet. 

This haircut accentuates your natural volume while requiring minimal care. Let air dry naturally to obtain the desired volume, or apply texturizing spray to the tousled style. 

You can bring out the maximum potential of your naturally curly or wavy hair by using a curl cream and letting it dry naturally. 

When applied to wet hair, mousse or style cream can be used to straighten hair, which can then be dried using a blow dryer. 

For more volume, scrunch your hair upwards while you blow-dry it. With clip-in hair extensions, you can experiment with the length and texture of your shag cut. 

Regardless of the sort of shag cut you have, this is true.



In addition to being one of the hairstyles that can be worn in various ways, the ponytail is also flirty, dynamic, and entertaining. 

Beyoncé's signature high ponytail is a gorgeous, short style with a lot of volume on top. 

Using hair on its second day is the key to properly recreating the style. Put a ponytail through a two- to three-inch-long portion of hair on either side of your face. 

With a teasing brush, back comb your hair, and then apply dry shampoo to the roots of your hair. 

Then, attach an inverted weft with three clips to the crown, and last, attach an inverted weft with four clips to the roots in the back of your head. 

By stacking two or more wefts, a larger thickness can be achieved. Afterwards, you may tie and bind your hair into a smooth ponytail. Beginning at the front of the head, separate your hair into two portions and clip in two wefts of hair, each with one clip. 

Insert an elastic into the ponytail, then pull it back so the wefts cross over the natural hair. 

To get a flirty wave in your ponytail, wrap one-inch-wide strands of hair around a one-inch-wide curling wand. 

Use a teasing brush to tease the crown of the hairstyle to create height and volume to the ponytail. The final step in developing any hairstyle is the application of hairspray.




If you try out the Hollywood wave haircut, you will feel like a movie star without a red carpet or Marilyn Monroe. 

You only need this haircut. Actresses of the 1920s popularised the traditional hairstyle, and modern celebrities like Amanda Seyfried, Megan Thee Stallion, and Gemma Chan continue to make it fashionable. 

Just separate your hair on one side and blow-dry it evenly with a round brush to achieve the appearance of Hollywood waves at home. 

Create curls in the hair with 1-inch barrel tongs, bind them with bobby pins, and allow them to cool for ten minutes. 

To relax the curls, break them into small pieces with a brush. Light spraying of hairspray ensures glam waves retain flawless shine throughout the day.


9. Beach waves that are divided in the middle


The beach is not the only area where beachy waves may be found, with all of their laid-back coolness and ageless attractiveness. 

This cut is ideal for any hair length and may be worn for any occasion. 

Whether you choose shoulder-length waves with our 12-inch extensions or longer lengths, styling beachy waves with hair extensions for va-va-voom volume requires only a few simple steps. 

With our 12-inch extensions, this is true whether you strive for lengthier or shoulder-length waves. 

After drying your hair, apply a heat protectant spray and a curling wand with a maximum diameter of 1.5 inches to create curls. 

Curl your hair in multiple directions to get the distinctive ruffled and unkempt waves characteristic of this style. 

After curling your entire head of hair, use a texturizing spray to create volume and complete the beachy aesthetic you were going for. This will help you obtain the desired appearance.




The half-up, half-down hairstyle is so versatile that it can be achieved with every hair type, regardless of colour or length. 

This cut is ideal for transitioning day to night and concealing second-day greasy hair. 

The hair can be combed away from the face and given volume in various original and imaginative ways. 

Take into account the stylistic decisions made by Lana Del Rey. The celebrity, who modelled her haircut after Sharon Tate, emphasizes the length of the strands on either side of her face and the volume of her hair on top. 

You can achieve a similar appearance by wearing hair extensions and pulling approximately fifty per cent of your natural hair back with an elastic band or hair clip. 

To achieve a stunning half-up hairstyle, tease the top layer of hair into a high crown and secure it with an elastic band.

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