Could rice water stimulate hair growth?

Could rice water stimulate hair growth?


The video challenge known as "Rice Water Rinsing" has lately gained popularity on the video-sharing platform TikTok. 

Numerous people assert that applying this time-honoured technique, which aids in the healing and regrowth of damaged hair, is the secret to their luscious locks.

Although hair extensions are the most time- and labour-efficient approach to achieving longer and fuller hair quickly, we are constantly searching for creative procedures to promote natural development.

Eastern Asian women have utilised rice water for years, claiming it is the key to their floor-length hair. 

Rice water has been used as a conditioner for the hair. 

Many Asian women credit this do-it-yourself treatment, which has also been linked to accelerating hair growth, for their extraordinarily long hair and vivid hair colour.


What effect does consuming rice water have on our hair?


Vitamins B and E, which are both helpful to hair and have a part in promoting healthy hair growth, are present in rice water. 

Furthermore, the fluid contains amino acids, inositol, and antioxidants.

Inositol is a chemical compound that is commonly utilised in hair loss treatments. 

These therapies aim to prevent additional hair loss. 

It accomplishes this by increasing the rate at which new hair develops, strengthening each strand. 

Moreover, it restores broken hair links and prevents further breakage.

Rice water is a risk-free natural medicine, even though the scientific study has failed to demonstrate its efficacy in treating any ailment.


Preparing to Apply Rice Water to Your Hair and Doing the Necessary Steps


This meal contains jasmine rice as an essential component. It is a capped Diffusion bottle scented with fruit peel or essential oil that serves as a water container.




To start, rinse your rice to remove debris or dirt. Prepare the rice by boiling it for ten minutes in a water-to-rice ratio of 2:1.

After adding the fruit peel or essential oil, place the mixture in a jar for a full day of fermentation.

After twenty-four hours, pour the separated water into a spray bottle.

Before applying the treatment to freshly cleansed hair, evenly distribute and massage the substance into the scalp. 

Next, administer the prescribed therapy. Before properly rinsing the product, ten to fifteen minutes of inactivity are required. To achieve optimum outcomes, it is recommended that the therapy be administered once every two to three weeks.