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Best Tape Extensions Melbourne

Explore tape extensions online.

Tape extensions offer easy application and removal and allow you to achieve a natural look anytime you want. Style your hair within a few minutes without using glue or strong adhesives. These extensions work best for women who have thin and short hair.

Going to a mega-event? Now get a quick makeover with our tape-in extensions best suited for adding length.

The best tape extensions can last for weeks depending on your natural hair growth and hair care regimen. They are pre-taped and you can tape them on either side of your hair. What makes these extensions the preferred choice of customers is that they are safe to use and gives volume boost to your hair.

Blakk offers tape extensions online in different lengths and shades. The invisible tape is a great way of adding length as well as volume to your hair. We bring a range of supreme quality hair care products designed specifically for hair extensions. You can also explore our styling accessories and supplies.

All our products are here to help you maintain your hair extensions. Our team comes with years of experience, we understand that each woman has unique and different hair, which is why we offer a customised range of tape extensions online to cater to their requirements.

The tape extensions can be applied in less than an hour, it comes with a quick and efficient application method.

We at Blakk, are committed to providing best tape extensions made from quality hair and fibres. You can style, iron, straighten, and curl the extensions just like your natural hair and get amazing lightweight and shiny long hair.

Your search for thick and healthy hair ends here. We offer safe and reliable adhesives used for applying the hair extensions. These lightweight bonds set comfortably in your hair and do not cause any harm to your scalp and natural hair.

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Carry a new hairstyle wherever you go- gym, office, or party. Our hair extensions are moisture-proof and highly durable, you can wear them anywhere without worrying about them falling out.




Why choose us?

  • We have a range of quick and easy to apply tape hair extensions, they can also be coloured.
  • We offer the highest quality tape hair extensions in Melbourne at affordable prices.
  • We assist our clients and provide a prompt response to their queries.
  • We only supply the finest quality extensions that give a fuller and shiny appearance.

The hair extensions are 100% Remy human hair; they are exceptionally gentle on your hair. To get a silky smooth finish, you can style your hair from top to bottom. The polyurethane tops are completely undetectable and are suitable for all hair types.

Our customer support team offers free consultations to customers. Our mission is to make our customers happy and satisfied with their final looks. We do everything to ensure your hair looks great and natural.