An in-depth look at clip-in hair extensions and how they work

An in-depth look at clip-in hair extensions and how they work


What Are the Blakk Clip-In Hair Extensions? 

The attachment of clip-in hair extensions is a straightforward process that may be accomplished in your free time at home. 

By applying these extensions, you can dramatically alter the length and volume of your hair in just fifteen minutes.

We get the highest possible density by employing triple and quad weft, specifically for our Clip-ins

The silicon backing of the clips ensures that the strands won't slip out of their grasp, offering a secure and unnoticeable hold on the hair.

What are the Advantages of Using Hair Extensions Attached with Clips?


Clip-in hair extensions are undoubtedly in the lead regarding the overall popularity of hair extensions.

Clip-in extensions are so easy to apply that even someone who has never had their hair professionally styled may have a fantastic look and feel. 

You don't need any specialised knowledge or abilities to secure them to your hair.

The second advantage is that they may be removed with relatively little effort, which means they can be put on and removed whenever the wearer sees fit. 

Because of this, they are beautiful choices for one-time events and occasions.

Third, clip-in extensions are gentle on your existing strands because they are attached to your hair without heat or harsh chemicals.

The Many Ways That Clip-In Hair Additions May Be Installed

We provide clip-in hair extensions in five- and nine-piece sets for our customers to choose from. 

The quantity of volume you want to get in your hair will be the deciding factor in your choice. 

No matter how many you decide to use, applying them to your strands will remain the same.

Now, starting on one side of your nape, separate your hair down the centre of your head, working towards the front. 

It would help to start your haircut one inch above the neck using the 9-piece bundle. 

You can start at two inches if you use the 5-piece kit.

Start by putting together the portion with the two clips. 

The clips resemble small combs that can be closed by pushing the centre outward.

Step 3: Hook the clips into the section of your hair to which you want to attach the accessory.

Fourth, once you have increased the height of the level by an inch or two, repeat the previous steps.

Use the parts with five clips to secure your secure zone, which extends from one ear to the other, and use the pieces with one clip to secure your sides. 

The rest serves the remaining areas, and the areas they serve depend on the width of the portions.


How to Care for Hair Extensions That Clip In


Blakk Clip-in Hair Extensions require minimal maintenance. After approximately fifteen to twenty uses, you should thoroughly wash them before continuing to wear them. 

Please provide them with a thorough shampooing, a conditioning treatment, and any other treatments that may be required. 

Apply a moisturising mask occasionally to keep them shiny and frizz-free with no effort. 

Use our Protect Me Hair Extensions Carrier while the extensions are not in use so that you may avoid getting tangles in them. 

You can get at least three to six months of use out of your Blakk Clip-in Hair Extensions, and maybe even a year if you take good care of them.


Altering Your Hairdo with Clip-In Hair Extensions


The versatility of your hairstyle options is increased when you use clip-in hair extensions. 

You can tie it up high, pull it into a half ponytail, or roll it into a bun. 

No matter the event, our Blakk Clip-in Hair Extensions can instantly give the appearance that your hair is fuller and healthier than it is. 

Remember to check out the Blakk Blog for even more instructions on how to use your hair extensions!